Khamis, 11 Jun 2009

im not here right now

where im going?
no where..

this is my entry for today after a couple of month dont have any updates.
i dont know why im so lazy to update blog. hahaha im not a real blogger i think so..

Kuala Lumpur from my window

i took this photo from my room at level 8 Putra KL Hotel beside PUSRAWI Jalan Tun Razak KL.
4 exposured with slow shutter (approx 20sec) masking in Photoshop CS3™, and some layer for Defuse Glow ad burn tool.. the result as like what u saw above.


oh ya,during my working days in KL, i managed to do some photoshoot with the Jahat Gang. 2 session in 1 night..damn tired..
credit to rhizomegrass aka apai gila aka once, shaf aka aaron aziz and speed_demonz aka rizal cokia

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