Khamis, 11 Jun 2009

im not here right now

where im going?
no where..

this is my entry for today after a couple of month dont have any updates.
i dont know why im so lazy to update blog. hahaha im not a real blogger i think so..

Kuala Lumpur from my window

i took this photo from my room at level 8 Putra KL Hotel beside PUSRAWI Jalan Tun Razak KL.
4 exposured with slow shutter (approx 20sec) masking in Photoshop CS3™, and some layer for Defuse Glow ad burn tool.. the result as like what u saw above.


oh ya,during my working days in KL, i managed to do some photoshoot with the Jahat Gang. 2 session in 1 night..damn tired..
credit to rhizomegrass aka apai gila aka once, shaf aka aaron aziz and speed_demonz aka rizal cokia

Khamis, 2 April 2009

Film? i will going back to Film?
after with Digital?
what do u think?

Jumaat, 20 Mac 2009

arghhh damn too long im not posting here.its felt like so lazy. i dont know why,but im trying update and its not work.. hahaha.. well clock ticks without waiting u.

im still photograph. captured something and anything,everywhere and anywhere. sometimes my photos look great,but many times my photos look by day,moon rounding the earth. my little girl 1 year old already. huh.. im still in my dream.

uh later...i got something to do...


Jumaat, 2 Januari 2009

I forgot!!

Suddently i remembered that i forgot to update this blog for the long time.. Haha.. Today im not working, im got flu..

Im still shoot and shoot,it juz the way to improve my technique and skill in photography. Untill now im still dont decided which one i need to major.. Event?Street?Glam?Journalism? hehe but i wish to know all.. that is the best way right.

upadated my gear.. now i can shoot InfraRed.. hehe will post the foto soon..