Sabtu, 8 November 2008

::s t r e e t s h o t ::

Sorry for this "never updated blog" while i was so buzy for my job. No worry,i will update from time to time if my schedule allow me to do so. I have a lots of story,but no intention to write like a bulk of novel. Maybe with the forto (or photo hehe) ive shot,it will tell u the story.

Due my fellows from KL attending to Melaka to take a steet fortoooo,i decided to take an emergency leave :) and here is some shot ive taken. About houndred of pictures were taken on that day but seem like all the picts cant make me feel good n i juz post some selected shot here. Enjoy outing with u guys..

credited to : Zamrud,Vincent (Xperimental),Rizal(Speed Demon),Din (mamantaro),LediaMazlinda,Paklan and oso Doc Malek whos give some time minum minum pagi while he cant join us doin streetshot becoz wanna take his son from school..-but he kinda have time to poisoning me with his DeeTree....hahahahahah

"Everyday goes like air blown on my face. Touch my skin,and leave it with some memories. We cant feel the same air blowned like before. But the memories will remain. The Memories never lies - HatiBunga"

"They knew about me,but they doesn't care - HatiBunga"

"U so lucky,they give u more attention and cares. But im not event we are same - HatiBunga"

"We cant hope the clock can stop..we cant hope the time rewind...but we can hope every time we spent had someTHING to lock it up in our heart - HatiBunga"

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